Welcome to the new article series Wyatt Rents! Here I will be discussing all things movies. So we’re all aware of the direct-to-video market, right? Those dvds and movies on shelves next to big-budget blockbusters. Most people think they must not be very good since these films didn’t get big theatrical releases. But we see some of the stuff that makes it to theaters so… clearly quality isn’t the deciding factor. Point is, quality movies can come from anywhere regardless of their platform. Lego Scooby-Doo: Haunted Hollywood is one of these hidden gems.



In the last decade or so, Lego has been cranking out a ton of direct-to-video movies. In recent years, they’ve been focusing on WB properties such as Batman and Scooby-Doo. This movie was originally released May 10th 2016. It’s a traditional Scooby story. The gang heads to Hollywood for a big guided vacation to a prestigious studio, but when they get there it turns out the studio is haunted. Now the gang must figure out what’s going on and save the studio from going under.



Most of these movies are pretty fun little cartoons, but what makes Haunted Hollywood stand out as something special is it’s premise. The film takes full advantage of the studio setting to make several references to classic films and even takes shots at the industry itself. The studio in the film called Brickton is famous for its monster movies. Several of the ones featured in this cartoon are clear homages to various Universal Monsters and other monster classics. The Mummy, Headless Horseman, there’s even a Swamp Monster! One of the stars of the studio is Drella Diabolique, a late night movie host who is clearly a take on Elvira. Her vampiric look and mannerisms are spot-on. You can tell that the team behind this movie clearly has a passion for movies and especially old monster flicks.



The movie is jam-packed with references and is clearly a love letter to Hollywood itself. If you work in the industry like myself or are just a general film-buff, I highly recommend you watch this flick. You will have a good time soaking in the monster nostalgia.



Oh, and Velma decapitates someone. It doesn’t really hurt them since they’re all lego people, but still. Dang.


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