And here we are, the end of 2018. A year full of career achievements and fun projects. Time to look back at what was done and where to go in the next year. It’s time to discuss the future of Wyattoons.

This year I managed to post one comic per week. I succeeded in achieving my New Years resolution! Some weeks I even posted multiple comics! Now for the year 2019, I would like to post even more comics. Ideally I would post two every week if I could. A new comic every Wednesday and Sunday. Now I can’t promise this. I still have obligations to various shows, so I need to make sure my schedule allows me to make comics and finish work for those clients without stressing myself out. But for the year 2019 you can definitely expect one new comic every Wednesday just like 2018. Maybe a new one every other Sunday? That may be a way to ease myself into two a week. I would like to achieve two comics a week by the end of the year. Again no promises, but that is the goal.

I also want to push myself to do more “serious” short story comics. It’s fun to make funnies and cool action stuff, but I should stretch my muscles and try to tell smaller more emotional stories. I dipped my toe into that with the Storyteller comic, and I’d like to keep pushing that. So a goal for 2019 will be to make more emotional short comics.

So Heroes 101! I may create an entire separate page for this project on the website. We’ll see. It would be nice to have a spot to display these heroes instead of just sending people to Twitter or one specific image on the portfolio page. But the project won’t be finished for a while if I’m going at a pace of one hero a week, so plenty of time to figure out what will happen there. Stay tuned!

And finally we come down to personal goals. Another resolution I made for myself was to be a little more open and honest with you all about my personal life. Now I’m not going to spill every detail, but as some of you may have seen a couple of my 2018 comics were pretty personal about certain events in my life. I would like to continue with this. I got a sense of relief sharing my thoughts and I even got some comments and emails from readers saying my comics helped them through their hard times. I usually see my comics as a way to cheer people up and make them happy, and if some of my comics can go a step further and help people through hard times, then I’ll continue with that.

Also I would like to travel more. We all would of course, but specifically I’d like to get out to other states more often. I’ve traveled to other states, but I really want to make that a priority this year instead of just one or two trips outside of Texas. I also want to push myself to draw more journal comics when I travel. It’s fun and will help me with my writing skills.

Simply put, my goals for 2019 are to do what I do now but bigger and better. I feel like I’m on a good path, so it’s time to kick it into high gear and keep moving forward. I want to thank you all for reading Wyattoons Comics and my various blog posts. Every like, share, retweet, it’s all extremely helpful. I also want to thank all of my supporters on Patreon. Your financial support keeps this website up and running. Thank you all. Together we can make 2019 awesome.