2018 has been a great year to be a Spider-Man fan! Spidey had a major role in Avengers: Infinity War, a new Spider-Man game recently hit the PS4, and a new comic event and animated feature are on the way. With all of this in mind, I wanted to bring a few lesser-known Spiders into the spotlight. More specifically though, I would love to see these characters make an appearance of some kind in the inevitable game sequel. The game has already dipped its toe into the multiverse with the various suits it offers, and with the animated film taking on the Spider-Verse it’s possible some multiverse shenanigans will pop up in the next game.


Now I’d like to take a moment to say these are not the only characters I would want to see in the game. Of course I would like to see Spider-Gwen and Miles, but they’re already pretty well known. There’s a big chance those Spiders will appear. These are specifically lesser-known ones. On with the Spiders!

Spider-Ben and Petey

First appearance: Edge of Spider-Geddon #3 (2018)


These two are pretty new and only recently appeared in the comics. It’s a great story so I won’t spoil details, but I’ll explain the basics. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but this duo is made of both a young Peter Parker and an old gruff Uncle Ben. They are one of the few Spider duos, most Spiders deciding to work solo and only occasionally teaming up with others. Petey comes off as a well balanced kid. He enjoys pulling out his phone to take pics and shoot videos, but he’s clearly got a strong moral code for someone his age. Uncle Ben has been around the block a few times, so his view of the world has made him a little jaded. These clashing personalities lead to a great dynamic and I would love to see them make more appearances in any and every medium.

Spider-Man (Mangaverse)

First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse: Spider-Man #1 (2002)


Once upon a time, manga wasn’t as popular in America as it is today. Sure there was always an audience of some size, but manga really took off in popularity around the early 2000s. Marvel decided to capitalize on the booming popularity of manga in the United States by creating a new manga-inspired universe. Every Marvel character from the Avengers to the X-Men gets re-invented to have more manga-inspired origins and status quos, and Spider-Man is definitely part of the craze. In this universe, Peter Parker is part of the ninja clan known as the Spider Clan and seeks revenge against Venom who murdered his Uncle Ben. Honestly I would love to see this character come back even for just a couple new issues. A new short series, a one-shot, something. Shonen manga in particular has had a new big boom with One Punch Man and My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia so it would be interesting to see Spider’d takes on current shonen trends. Plus I think his addition to the PS4 game would offer a nice change of pace. Something different that takes a big step out of the Spider-Man mold instead of a gentle shift. Speaking of outiside the mold…

Peni Parker (SP//dr)

First appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (2014)


Meet Peni Parker, the pilot of the SP//dr mech. Her father died while piloting the suit and now she’s the only one able to carry on the project. A lot of her villains tend to be other science-gone-wrong machines and weapons, so she gets to have a full rogue’s gallery to match the suit. While there are a handful of robot and mech Spiders, I chose Peni because SP//dr stands out visually thanks to its unique design. The mech isn’t your typical humanoid Gundam machine, it has a great silhouette that’s memorable. Plus it would simply be really cool to have a little girl zipping around in a spider mech. I know it would definitely mean a lot to my niece if she could play as Peni Parker in Spider-Man 2 or whatever they end up calling the next game.


Now I could be totally wrong and the next game doesn’t deal with the multiverse at all. The sequel may stay focused on dealing with the various story points left over from the first game. Which I would happily enjoy. Spider-Man for PS4 was a fun well-written story and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store. Plus it might be tricky to make a couple of these characters work as playable since they would require entirely new models instead of simple re-skins. But hey, that would stop me from making a wishlist! Also you should really check out these comics! Go enjoy some fun stories!


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Banner artwork by Alli (@alliskirtzzz on Twitter).