Popular media is flooded with costumed heroes saving the day, and for good reason. The superheroes have truly become the new gods of the modern era. Humanity is drawn to these great stories of people overcoming great odds. They fill us with the hope that we too can accomplish great things. And that hope is something I want to help contribute to.

Over the last few months, I have taken on a new drawing challenge. I am challenging myself to design and create 101 new superheroes. No redesigns of existing heroes, no “what if” alternate universe designs. All of these new characters have to be original. The characters could also vary greatly in terms of what kind of hero they are. These heroes can be serious, goofy, dark, light-hearted, they can even be vigilantes. As long as they are heroes.

#Heroes101 has become a special project for me. Originally it just started out as a way to challenge my skills. I needed a project that would push my creativity and force me to think outside the box in terms of character design. I’ve come up with an OC (original character) a few times, but designing 101 all at once would be a great challenge. Over the first few weeks though, it evolved into something else.

The project took on a guiding philosophy. The world is made up of so many different kinds of people from different walks of life, but popular media mostly focuses on the usual ten or twenty superheroes. And as amazing as those characters are, they don’t fully reflect the world as it is today. And I feel our modern myths and fictional gods should reflect who we all are. I’ve been working hard to make the Heroes 101 project feel inclusive and genuine. I don’t want characters to come off as token characters. I truly want all 101 to reflect the many kinds of people that exist. All skin colors, races, gender orientations, body sizes, I want everyone to feel included and represented. Everyone deserves a hero that they can connect with. That’s the guiding philosophy behind this project.

Anyone can be a hero.