Over the last couple years, I’ve slowly been pushing myself to do more and more with my comics. And in 2020 I want to take a step further. Over this whole year, I’m going to push myself to make even more comics and try new stories and ideas. Basically I want to turn Wyattoons into more of an anthology rather than a slice-of-life strip (though slice-of-life will always be a big part, so don’t worry that aspect won’t leave).

I also want to push myself to explore more. I’ve been making more and more of an effort to do so, and hopefully in 2020 I can do just that. I’ve been thinking about getting a camper van for a while now and I finally want to take the leap. I won’t be going full vanlife, but it would be nice to have something special to go on road trips in.

Overall in 2020 I simply want to do more in both my life and my comics. Let’s make this The Year of Exploration!