In the early days of my career, I had a chance to meet the man himself. It was my first convention in an Artist Alley. This con was basically me testing if I could turn this cartooning thing into a career, and it turned out he was there too. I drew a sketch cover that was Stan Lee in Iron Man armor holding Thor’s hammer in one hand and Captain America’s shield in the other. I took it to him to get signed, and his reaction meant the world to me. I handed him the drawing, and he called over his booth helpers. Basically called over everyone to look at it. He then said “Wow! I look GREAT!!”


Now sure, the cynic and self-doubt in me says he was probably just being nice. But regardless, it meant the world to me that my little drawing got THAT reaction out of him. It was a major self-esteem boost and made me feel like I could make this cartoonist career work (and yup, it’s worked out so far). I was already inspired to tell great stories after reading his my whole life, and getting to actually meet him and tell him what his work meant to me was incredible.


Stan Lee is a titan in the comics industry. His legacy will live on through not only the many characters he’s helped bring to life, but also through the millions he has inspired. Several of us little comic-makers grew up reading his stories, and many more were basically raised by Spider-Man and other heroes. Thank you for everything, Stan Lee.