So I know I’ve mentioned how I used to draw comics for the Texas State University newspaper, but I don’t think I ever explained exactly what that entailed. Lil Boko was the main comic I drew for them(a simple mascot series), but as time went on the editor gave me more and more space on the page. By the time I left I had 3 series all going at once. One of these comics was a superhero series (which I’ll share another time). It was meant to act as the kick off to a whole new superhero universe. At the time I had re-discovered the DC Animated Universe and was inspired to make my own comics and characters that all made up one giant narrative. This here is Heroes Inc., the comic that was meant to act as the big team-up after the solo hero comics. Heroes Inc. never made it to publication and for years stayed a secret in the archives UNTIL NOW. This is the first time I’ve ever shown these comics.

The project fell through for a few different reasons. It was already enough work trying to make 3 comics a day and get all of my school work done, adding a fourth proved to be too much. This was also a collaboration with my girlfriend at the time and when we broke up I lost interest in the project. And finally I was accepted at the Savannah College of Art and Design, so there was no sense in investing time and effort into a new comic when I was about to leave my newspaper (since it was a college paper I couldn’t make comics for them if I wasn’t a student). Here we are almost a decade later. Some of these characters may come back, but the series as a whole will stay unfinished. At least for now.