Dial H For Hero is my all-time favorite DC… character…? I guess the word “concept” is a more fitting term since there’s no one actually named “Dial H For Hero”. Point is, it’s my all-time favorite DC comic. Over the many decades, many people have wielded the powerful H Dial. When used, it turns the user into a new random superhero each time! If you’ve seen Ben 10, this is what inspired that cartoon. There was even a stretch where fans could send in ideas for new heroes! I wasn’t alive at the time, but I can imagine how awesome that was to see a character you created show up in a DC comic!


While there have been many incredible Dial H stories over the years, I want to focus on what is arguably the best Dial H story. It was from a special limited series called The Silver Age. As the new millenium kicked in, DC put out this series to have a fun throwback to the days of the 60s during the Silver Age of Comics. Dial H For Hero was featured in two of these issues, But we’ll be focusing on the 80 Page Giant Silver Age issue (yeah these have weird titles… It’s not a clear cut issue 1-12 series).

I won’t spoil too much since this series is really special, but I’ll give the basic set up. After years and years of battle, the villains decide teaming up would help them take down the Justice League. Not only that, they’ve managed to figure out how to beat their respective heroes. The comic kicks off with several battles happening back to back. One by one, there heroes are defeated. It seems there’s no way to win now that the various villains know their weaknesses. Just when all hope seems lost, in comes young teen Robby Reed with the H Dial!

The villains may know the Justice League’s weaknesses, but they don’t know the weaknesses of the infinite heroes released from the H Dial! So the different heroes of the League use the dial and gain not only new abilities but also new identities! It’s SO COOL! It’s also pretty funny how a couple of the characters get new powers and personas that clash with their true selves. Batman, the dark knight who uses the shadows, becomes a bright orange clock-themed hero named Minuteman. And then Aquaman, the mighty king of the seas, becomes Terra Firma the giant made of dirt and grass.

Again I won’t spoil the big finale, but it’s such a cool sight seeing a full team of H Dial heroes. In the past, it’s usually just one hero acting on their own. The most at one time (at this point) was just two H Dial wielders. You would see two heroes at once at the most. But now, here’s a full League! New powers, new costumes, so much new stuff going on! This is what I love about Dial H For Hero. There’s so much room for imagination and creativity cooked right into the concept. It truly feels like the most Silver Age concept. Back in those days, there was no idea “too silly” for comics. So literally any idea for a superhero was deemed worthy of inclusion in Dial H For Hero.


This is a tough back issue to find and at the moment it is not available digitally. I highly recommend grabbing this issue if you can find it. The entire Silver Age series is pretty special, but for me this is the must-read chapter of this little saga. In fact, find any Dial H comic you can. They’re all so fun and action-packed! Read Dial H For Hero comics, and if you enjoy them tell DC Comics you want to see more!


Also tell them you want me to design the heroes for the new volume. You don’t have to do that last one but like… It would be a dream come true if it happened.

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Banner artwork by Alli (@alliskirtzzz on Twitter).