It’s been just over two years since Marvel’s Secret Wars mega event ended and I still won’t shut up about it. The entire event felt like a massive celebration of all things Marvel. I have a lot to say about the event as a whole but that’s for another article. Right now with Infinity War hitting theaters, I want to focus on one tie-in story. Secret Wars – Infinity Gauntlet.

Our story here focuses on a small family struggling to survive on a post-invasion Earth. Anwen is a young artist who has given up on hope of a better future now that the Annihilation Wave has taken over and it’s only a matter of time before they are all consumed. Things take a turn for the crazy when her long lost mother makes a return and starts talking about these crazy things called Infinity Gems. And of course if those dang gems are involved, Thanos is not that far behind.

Throughout the story we get to explore this new Earth and see how various Marvel characters have been changed to fit this bleak setting. But even though familiar faces show up, the focus is never taken off the family and Anwen. This is their story, not Groot’s. With this new setting, we also get to see a new take on the Infinity Gauntlet story. Normally these stories tend to be simple chase stories. While this is the base story, it feels fresh enough to stand out from previous Infinity stories. Especially with how the gems are used. Normally the gems are simply collected. We only get a glimpse of their power. In this story, we get to see the Gems used in new and interesting ways leading to a fantastic blowout finale. I won’t spoil it here, but it’s a wonderful tale.

The main theme of the comic is family, and boy does it deliver. You really get to connect with the characters and root for them as they fight to survive. It also becomes a great sight seeing a whole family of Novas taking on the Mad Titan. The writing feels direct and well paced. Like many of these Secret Wars tie-ins, this story isn’t really that tied-in. You’re focused on THIS part of Battleworld. No mention of Doom, no mention of the events taking place in the main event, the story is self contained. So you can easily pick up this story and read it without worrying about the Secret Wars event (although I highly recommend reading that too).

Also there’s a Nova Megazord. Read this comic!


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