Rumble is back with a fresh new first issue!



For those who don’t know what Rumble is, allow me to give you a quick pitch. It’s a fantastic comic about a warrior scarecrow who fights monsters. Originally kicked off back in 2014, Rumble follows the tale of the ancient warrior Rathraq whose soul is trapped in the body of a scarecrow. It was once his duty to rid the Earth of monsters to make way for the age of man, and it turns out he wasn’t able to finish the job. Now with the help of new mortal human friends, he’s out to kill the remaining monsters that hide in the shadows.


Although this says it’s the first issue, it’s actually the second volume of the series. The creative team took a step back to catch their breathe and now they’re at it again. John Arcudi, the writer of the series, has woven a tale that is full of suspense and action. The lore is simple yet intriguing. You’ll find yourself getting sucked into this new twisted world, especially with the help of James Harren who kills it with the art in the first volume. He has a great way of staging action scenes. The fights leap of the page and you will find yourself in awe each time.



For the second volume, art duties go to David Rubin and Dave Stewart. These guys knock it out of the park with wonderful pages that clearly lay out what has happened so far in the story. It’s a bit of a shift from Harren since their art styles are so different, yet it feels right at home. The new art fits the comic’s creepy supernatural vibe.



Rumble is a fantastic horror-action blend. The art has always found that perfect balance between looking cool and making you feel uneasy. Arcudi pens a strong story full of suspense that will keep you hooked. The story has a lot more detail and plot twists, but this new first issue does a great job at catching you up. I highly recommend picking up the first volume. You can find it at your local comic book store, or read it digitally at


Banner art by Alli White (@Skirtzzz on Twitter)