For decades comics have been dominated by superheroes. Alternate genres have always existed on the fringe, but for the better part of a century the market has been flooded with capes. Image Comics has done a great job at introducing more genres to the industry, and now the Big Two (Marvel and DC) are catching on. One of Marvel’s shake ups is the big monster battle series Monsters Unleashed.

The series was first introduced as an event in the early half of 2017. An evil queen monster from space is headed to Earth and has sent her legions of creatures to get the planet ready for take-over. Now the heroes have to fight back, but no matter what they try the monsters are simply too powerful and plentiful. That’s when the TRUE heroes of the story emerge. Earth has its own army of monsters led by the newest Inhuman Kei Kawade aka Kid Kaiju.


The entire story is basically a love letter to the King of Comics Jack Kirby. Many people know him for his contributions to the superhero genre, but Kirby did much more than make iconic heroes. Before the Silver Age of Comics, Marvel was known for making monster comics, many of which were created by Kirby. These monsters are commonly referred to as the Kirby Monsters. As the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men rose in popularity the monsters were quietly pushed to the edges of the Marvel Universe. They still exist, but now the stories focus on superheroes with monsters occasionally popping up as villains.



The story acts as a metaphor in a way. After decades of being pushed to the side, the monsters burst out front to reclaim a spotlight they rightfully deserve. It’s also interesting to see a new take on monsters, especially in the ongoing series of the same title. The comic reads like a good old fashioned kaiju flick. You have the bad monsters wreaking havoc on the world, and the good monsters show up to stop them. Okay so it’s not the most original take, but it feels fresh after decades of Marvel monsters being obscure villains who show up maybe once every twenty issues. This new breath of fresh air is amplified by the introduction of Kid Kaiju and his new Marvel monsters.


After being exposed to Terrigen (the Inhumans’ key to unlocking their powers), Kei Kawade found out he could summon monsters by drawing them. With a scribble of his pencil in a sketchbook, a mighty beast will appear and answer his call to battle. It’s later revealed that not only can he summon monsters, he can create new ones as well. Kei is thrown straight into the action of the Monsters Unleashed event, and we learn more about his powers and monsters in the ongoing series.



This series adds something that’s been missing from the Marvel line-up for so long. MONSTERS! If you’re in the mood for something superhero related but are tired of capes, I highly recommend starting with the event Monsters Unleashed and then moving into the ongoing series of the same name. It’s splashy, it’s action-packed, it’s fun, and I can’t wait to see what happens next with Kid Kaiju.