In recent years Marvel has made an effort to expand their audience by introducing a wider variety of stories and characters. They’ve brought on more light-hearted fun comics like Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl while keeping their more mature titles such as Deadpool around.


Marvel has also brought on more legacy characters. From time to time in comics, a popular hero will either be killed off or set aside for someone new to take on the mantle. Usually it’s one at a time, but at this moment we have an African-American Cap, a female Thor, a female Iron Man, and a handful of others new to their roles as Big-Name Heroes.


Now personally I’ve LOVED these new stories and so have many others. The audience has widened to include many new demographics that comics pretty much ignored for years. Think of comics as hamburgers. Not everyone likes their burger the same way. Some want pickles, some want extra cheese, and so on. So now there’s a wider variety of comics, and people are reading them.


You’ll hear a bunch of nonsense about “SJW Marvel” and “declining sales” but speaking as someone who has worked at a comic shop during this shift, we couldn’t keep those comics in stock. They were ALWAYS selling out, many of them the day they were released. Also as a person of color, it’s been fantastic seeing minorities as the Big-Name Heroes and not just sidekicks or C-list randos.


But let’s be fair. Not everyone is a weird racist or sexist. Some older fans genuinely miss the versions of the characters they grew up with. They miss Odinson and Stark and Rogers. And you know what, I’m with them. As much as I love Falcon-Cap and Ironheart and Jane Foster Thor, I do miss the classic trinity. And that’s where Marvel Legacy comes in. This is Marvel’s attempt to satisfy both the new audience they’ve fostered over the last few years while giving orders fans what they want. Will it succeed? Well DC managed to pull it off with Rebirth, so let’s get into this issue and find out.


This is where we get into spoiler territory. We open on the original Avengers on Earth. And I mean the ORIGINAL Avengers. Turns out during the Stone Age, Earth had protectors. We see Odin joined by the first of several legacy-type characters. We see them fighting against an angry Celestial that has landed on Earth searching for something.



We then cut to several separate scenes of our various heroes in the present day. Steve Rogers is getting back on his feet after all the Secret Empire stuff, The Mangog is on his way to destroy Asgard, Johnny Storm and The Thing are getting ready to bring back the Fantastic Four, and we get a glimpse at the return of a character many fans have been missing.



There’s one specific thing in this comic I want to talk about, and that’s the upcoming Infinity Stones story this teases. Now normally like many readers it can be a little annoying when the world of comics suddenly has to shift to match the movies. Civil War II was the most recent one that bothered a lot of people. But here, I’m fine with it. We haven’t really had an Infinity story in years. Sure Hickman’s Infinity story was called “Infinity”, but it had nothing to do with the gems/stones which were destroyed back in 2013 in Hickman’s New Avengers run. The Infinity Stones have been missing from the comics world for a long time now, so seeing them come back in time to line-up with the Infinity War movie is fine by me.



Ultimately this issue is solid. Really it’s a preview. A set-up. A status update. It’s meant to get you ready for all the upcoming stories, not blow you away with philosophical questions or anything. But DANG it delivers. It does a great job at catching you up while setting the stage for several new stories. Marvel is attempting to keep their new characters around while bringing back the classics and moving forward with all of them. There’s a lot of potential in this issue, and it looks like they’re going to pull this off.


Oh but hey, could all comics publishers knock it off with the lenticular covers? Please.


Banner art by Alli White (@Skirtzzz on Twitter)