DISCLAIMER: This is a list of my PERSONAL favorite comics from the year 2017. Feel free to agree or disagree with my choices. If there’s a comic you feel should get a spotlight, tweet me (@WyattTheNerd) and I’ll check it out!


  1. Superman: Multiplicity

If you’ve followed me on social media for a while, you know I’m a big fan of multiverses. This three-part story from the pages of Superman acts as a direct sequel to DC’s Multiversity event. An evil villain is kidnapping Supermen from across the Multiverse, and it’s up to our classic Superman to save the day. Bursting with action and fun, this story quickly became one of my favorites to scratch the multiverse itch.


  1. Monsters Unleashed (event)

I wrote a full Comic Craze piece about this event and the new ongoing series it kicked off, so I’ll make this quick. Monsters Unleashed delivered some good old-fashioned monster action and introduced an interesting new character to the Marvel Universe.


  1. Rumble (2017)

Another comic I wrote a Comic Craze piece for! Rumble has been going on for a couple years now, but it was great to see it return after a lengthy hiatus. This blend of horror and action is wonderful, and I highly recommend you give it a read.


  1. America

So… this was a tough year politically. Especially for America. To me, it was poetic justice to see a comic that was about everything a certain group didn’t like. Here is a comic starring a queer woman of color with the giant letters A-M-E-R-I-C-A slapped on the cover in the year 2017. Amazing. This story lets us fully explore the life of America Chavez and gives her a full comic to grow. Normally she’s part of an ensemble cast but now she has room to stretch and we’re able to see her grow as both a person and a superhero. It’s a great read and helps give hope in these weird crazy times.


  1. Black Cloud

As a storyteller, the concept of Black Cloud instantly had my attention. What if there was a world where stories and ideas became real? It’s a little trippy at first, but once the ball gets rolling it does not stop. The art is beautiful and the story gives us an interesting main character who has a rough backstory. It feels like there’s so much to Zelda, and we’ve only just scratched the surface. I can’t wait to see where this series goes!


  1. Zodiac Starforce: Cries of the Fire Prince

The first volume of this comic was incredible. I loved the original Sailor Moon anime as a kid, and when this was first announced I was on board. Volume 2 began this year and once again the story blew me away. Following the adventures of a team of teenage girls with magic powers, this story brings in a new villain named Davos. The writer Kevin Panetta does a great job of balancing fun and deep character moments. The art by Paulina Ganucheau is phenomenal and colorful. The story hasn’t ended yet, so will they be able to stop Davos? We’ll find out!


  1. Kaijumax: Season Three

Every time this comic comes back for a new volume (or season) I am blown away. Kaijumax continues to deliver suspense and drama with each issue. Zander Cannon has built a fantastic kaiju world and I enjoy seeing it grow. The series focuses mainly on a bug-like monster named Electrogor who well… spoilers. But it’s really intense and he’s a great character. Cannon has excelled at fusing kaiju insanity and prison drama.


  1. The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Expanded Edition)

What is daily life like for a superhero? The Adventures of Superhero Girl gives a fresh new take on a genre that’s almost a century old. Faith Erin Hicks delivers laughs and heart in this slice-of-life-ish comic. The expanded edition of this Eisner winner hit shelves in 2017, and boy did I enjoy it. I feel so silly for not reading this until now. This comic is so wonderful. Everyone should read it.


  1. God Country

What if gods came down to Texas? God Country asks this question and delivers an action-packed answer. A Texan would smack them around. An old widower named Quinlan now has to defend his home and family from Jack Kirby-esque cosmic beings. But he’s not alone, he has the help of a sword created by the very gods he fights. God Country is lots of fun and is a great action comic you should grab.


  1. Mech Cadet Yu

This year was no-doubt a big year for monster/kaiju comics, but the one that stood out in my eyes was Mech Cadet Yu. Mechs mysteriously start arriving on Earth and no one is sure why. The mechs begin to form bonds with humans, and a new fighting force is established to help defend earth from great beasts known as The Sharg. The comic follows Stanford Yu as he begins his training and suddenly is thrust into the middle of a war. Balancing character drama and fun mechs, Mech Cadet Yu is a great read and will definitely be one of my favorites going in to 2018!


Those were just a few of my favorites this year! 2017 was a great year creatively for comics and it was very difficult to pick just 10 to talk about. I can’t wait to see what comics 2018 will bring!


What were some of your favorites? Be sure to tweet me (@WyattTheNerd)!


Banner art by Alli White (@Skirtzzz on Twitter)