Comixology has just announced a new batch of comics that will be exclusive to their service. With this launch of Comixology Originals, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on how the industry has changed over the last decade or so.


For decades Marvel and DC Comics (The Big Two) have dominated the comics market so much that people began to believe comics were all about superheroes. Other publishers popped up here and there, but these two were constantly out-doing the competition in terms of sales and visibility. It was during the 90s that Image Comics managed to put up a fight, but after a few years the publisher began to fizzle and The Big Two reasserted their dominance.


But of course that slump didn’t last very long. Ever heard of Saga? Walking Dead? Invincible? At the turn of the century, Image managed to re-kickstart the indie/creator-owned boom. And as we can see today, it stuck. Comixology’s rise also helped with this by making comics easy to access. As much as I love physical comic shops, I realize not every city or town has one. And even then some unfortunately don’t have a very welcoming atmosphere. So digital distribution was the perfect way to get new readers in and help the market grow.


The reason I bring all of this retrospective stuff up is because we’re now in an interesting place in the comics industry, and Comixology’s push for original content feels like the next big step. Publishers have really been pushing the boundaries of the comics medium and trying new genres and stories. Webcomics have also been on the rise for a long time. Comics as a whole are expanding into new markets and shifting away from the simplified single-genre market it used to be. Having a major company like Amazon push original comics on the Comixology service is a major step for the medium. It helps push forward in changing the superhero stigma of comics. I love my capes, but comics is a medium not a genre. For this industry to be healthy both financially and creatively, we need more than just two publishers dominating the market. Comixology Originals helps with that.

Savage Game, Super Freaks, Ask For Mercy, and Elephantmen (a classic creator-owned comic) are all available now at I will certainly be reading these comics and will be giving my thoughts on Twitter. Be sure to jump on and give these comics a try! Personally, I can’t wait to see what they put out next. It’s very interesting seeing how the comics industry continues to grow and change with technology. Comixology Originals, I wish you the best of luck.


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Banner artwork by Alli (@alliskirtzzz on Twitter).